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Empower One

2019-2020 Classes.

The Empower Program includes three courses: EMPOWERone, EMPOWERengage, and EMPOWERproclaim. EMPOWERone is the first course that all women take. It is the ministry certificate program.
Below are the required classes for the EMPOWERone course. 



Sept. 21

Old Testament Survey         
Professor: Dr. Linda Warren    

Students will gain sweeping perspective of the entire Old Testament and its redemptive purpose in the Bible. 

Cultivating a Listening Ear  
Professor: Dr. Wanda Walborn

Students will learn the importance of cultivating a listening ear with God and how to use a simple prayer model when praying for others.

Oct. 19

Understanding Your Calling
Professor: Dr. Martin Sanders

Students will provide a concise portrait of their lives, identifying future goals to articulate God’s calling. 

Dealing with Grief and Anxiety
Professor: Pastor Lisa Plunket

Students will learn strategies of dealing with grief and anxiety in their lives.

Nov. 16

Role of the Holy Spirit
Professor: Dr. Ron Walborn

Students will develop a theology of the Holy Spirit throughout Scripture.         

Dealing with Conflict
Professor: Mrs. Michelle Park

Students will learn how to stop a pain cycle and enter into a peace cycle in relationships. They will learn how to determine how and when to say no in life so that that they can focus on their, "Yes!".  

Jan. Retreat

West Coast - Jan. 10-12

East Coast - Jan. 17-19

Weekend Retreat






Feb. 15

New Testament Survey
Professor: Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah 

Students will gain sweeping perspective of the entire New Testament and its redemptive purpose in the Bible. 

Prayer and Intercession
Professor: Dr. Mike Plunket

Students will distinguish the role of prayer and intercession in one’s personal life and ministry. 

March 21

Theology of the Kingdom
Professor: Dr. Rob Reimer

Students will develop a deeper understanding of the rule and reign of God throughout Scripture.

Identifying & Healing Family Wounds
Professor: Rev. Kelvin Walker

Students will cover the identification and healing from family wounds and how to maintain your own soul care as a leader.

April 18

Community & Mission of the Church
Professor: Dr. Ingrid Davis

Students will be able to explain God’s heart to reconcile mankind to Himself.

Spiritual Gifts
Professor: Rev. Charles Galbreath

Students will be able to define spiritual gifts, recognize their own gifts and explain their importance in the body of Christ.


May 16

Celebration Service

Alliance Theological Seminary    
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