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The impact of EMPOWER. 

Cort's Empower Story

Have circumstances in your life uncovered a need for change? Successful businesswoman Cort Norman didn’t think she needed EMPOWER. After she enrolled in the program, a new attitude reshaped her priorities and helped her discover who is Number 1 in her life. 

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Val's Story

Being married to an influential pastor and serving behind the scenes created a comfort zone… and a hiding place for Val Nash and her untapped gifts. Hear how EMPOWER brought her from behind the scenes to the frontlines where she was raised up to lead and encourage others to embrace a deeper life in Jesus.

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Michelle's Empower Story

Sometimes thirst camouflages as hunger. Constantly pouring out in her role as a pastor’s wife, as a mother, and as a licensed marriage and family therapist, Michelle Park needed to be filled. Listen to how EMPOWER provided her with the nourishment and replenishment her soul needed. 

Check out this video with our professor and Empower Alum Michelle Park! 

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