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Empower One

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Students who attend all 7 sessions and successfully complete all assignments will receive a certificate issued by the Metropolitan District of the C&MA.  Pursuant to an articulation agreement with Nyack College / Alliance Theological Seminary, each woman who receives an EMPOWER certificate will be eligible to receive 6 transfer credits to be applied toward undergraduate programs at Nyack College or graduate programs at Alliance Theological Seminary.

Class Materials

EMPOWERone students are responsible for obtaining their own books.  All other supplemental materials will be provided by the program and distributed at or before class. 2019-2020 BOOK LIST

Class Assignments

Students are responsible to turn in every assignment on or before the due date.  All assignments must be submitted online through Edmodo; students will receive access upon completed registration.

All students are expected to complete all assignments. Only students who have completed every assignment on time and attended at least six full class days, including mentoring groups, are eligible to earn the certificate. Late assignments will not be accepted or graded.  Missing assignments, including make-up work for a missed class, will result in incompletion of the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is EMPOWER only for women in leadership positions?

  • No. EMPOWER is for ANY woman.

  • Many women are not sure what their gifts are; EMPOWER will help them see the whole picture.

  • Many women feel inadequate in their biblical + theological understanding; EMPOWER will provide them a strong foundation.

  • Many women feel uncomfortable and ill-equipped to lead; EMPOWER will relieve these fears and help women develop + strengthen their skills.

  • Many women feel isolated, and lack trusted confidantes; EMPOWER is a great avenue for networking and building community.

  • Many women feel insecure about their communication skills; EMPOWER will equip them with communication skills to deal with conflict.

2. How many hours will it take me to complete my homework assignments?
EMPOWER students should try to devote about 40hrs per course (about an hour a day).

3.  Is lunch provided? 
No, each woman is responsible for her lunch.  Coffee and snacks will be available at all locations.

4.  What happens if I have to miss a session of Empower? 
In order to receive the EMPOWER Certificate and 6 transfer credits, students who miss a session must make up that session by viewing the class video and writing a 2-page summary of the session.  This summary must be submitted via Edmodo.  

5. Are the mentoring groups mandatory?
Yes.  Mentoring groups meet from 4-6pm on EMPOWER Saturdays and are a mandatory component of the Program.  Students are required to attend the entire mentoring group session and participate actively.  Failure to do so result in ineligibility to earn the Certificate.

6. What if I want to withdraw from Empower?
The student is encouraged to consult directly with the director of Empower. Full payment is due by Nov. 15th, even when a student withdraws from the course.

7. What is the Refund Policy of Empower?
Because EMPOWER professors and facilities are contracted, EMPOWER is unable to refund a student’s tuition payment once it has been submitted.

8. Can you tell me more about the 6 transfer credits I can earn?
EMPOWER students may earn 6 transfer credits, to be applied toward undergraduate programs at Nyack College or graduate programs at Alliance Theological Seminary.

  • Students must attend and successfully complete all the requirements of the 7 sessions, to the satisfaction of the professors and the Director of EMPOWER.

  • Students will be responsible for submitting an application for admission to the appropriate institution.

  • Earned transfer credits must be redeemed within 10 years.

9. What if I did not finish Empower and would like to return and complete the program?
If a student is unable to complete EMPOWER, she is welcome to return and finish the course in the following year. 

  • If a student previously paid for EMPOWER in full, the re-enrollment fee is $400.

  • If a student did not complete payment for EMPOWER, the remaining tuition balance must be paid, in addition to the $400 re-enrollment fee.